About Jad's blog

 Jad’s blog is a personal blog about technology, politics and books; and has no affiliates.

A bit of introduction

I started blogging in 2002, Life was different, the Internet was different. I was interested in free & open source software and humbly active in the local community Jolug and then I founded Ubuntu Jordan Loco Team, but then life took a different route and I worked in other sectors like academia, government and nonprofit. Now and as I have plenty of time with COVID-19 lockdowns I’m trying to engage again with the community and what better than starting a new blog and jump into freenode & OFTC?

I was always obsessed with Web Standards, Open Source, Linux and particularly Debian and its derivatives; and for this I ran W3Planet.info for several years, which was somewhat the unofficial web standards planet at that point of time. Later, I started Syntux.net which was more of a personal technical blog in addition to my personal one.

Blog to-dos

  • Customize the blog while retaining a minimalistic approach
  • Familiarize myself further with Markdown syntax
  • Pass Mozilla Observatory test
  • Update about page
  • Build a resume page, probably on its own subdomain
  • Find a good self-hosted or cloud hosted comment system
  • Integrate Algolia search
  • Start blogging.

Technical details

This blog is:

  • In a private repository on Github
  • based on Hugo framework
  • utilize the brilliant theme CodeIT
  • generously hosted for free as a static website on Render.com and recently moved to Cloudflare pages and moved back to render due to Cloudflare defaulting to HTTP rather than HTTPS despite the page rules.
  • And uses Markdown Syntax, offers extended shortcodes and many other interesting stuff that I will be keeping under the tag /theme-codeit/
  • although it’s not needed yet, but I’m also planning to start using Cloudinary for hosting images and probably videos.
I’m not affiliated with any of the projects or service listed above, but I’m utilizing their free service and I feel obliged to show appreciation by linking back to them, and probably write about their service later.